These guys are officially the web design, development and digital marketing proverbial bomb. Best web design company in Ireland and all around team of awesome incorporated.

Also I’ve been known to turn up there and develop some stuff for those pimp daddys from time to time.


Hey yall, this blog is for me to express my inner american. Also the wilder, I-dont-give-a-fuck side.

I want to apologise in advance for all the swearing. If you are sensitive to that you should move the fuck along. :-)

Its an outlet…like a verbal punching bag…except in this case its written but that doesn’t make the swearing any less fucking fun! 

You’ve been warned. Read on at your peril bitches. (Jesse from Breaking Bad made me say that last one).

If you can withstand the tirade of nonsensical nonsense and non clean language well then I’m fucking delighted to have you along on this merry shit sandwich of a ride.

Warts and all, this start this shit up